Bio Shield

BioCare's Hyaluronic Acid supplements are successfully used to support healthy joints and flexibility in animals. BioCare provides innovative healthcare alternatives to improve the quality of life for horses. The medically researched and clinically demonstrated products set the industry standard. BioCare's Hyaluronic Acid products are used by some of the top equine specialists in the world.


Relief Plus liquid is developed specifically to help maintain the health of your animals' joints. Hyaluronic Acid is a safe, non-toxic and naturally occurring glycosaminoglycan, with its highest concetration found in all vertebrates' connective tissue and joint fluid.


Sound is suitable for all breeds of horses to support joint health and flexibility. Molasses flavoring offers the horse a highly palatable product. Sound is recommended to support joint health and flexibility and normal cartilage and health in any breed, with emphasis on older animals with wear- and-tear associated with age.


Bulk is a uniquely formulated, non-steroidal product that is recommended by veterinarians to support healthy weight and lean muscle development in the horse. Bulk contains fenugreek, a natural and effective substance
that enhances the appetite of the horse.


Flex and Grow is a revolutionary topical hoof application that contains H.A., M.S.M., amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a product that helps support normal hoof growth. Unlike any other hoof dressings on the market, the standout feature of this unique product is the penetrating and moisturizing components. The ingredients,including H.A. and M.S.M., are what make's Flex and Grow's scientific formula different; other topical formulas are a form of grease, wax, oil and/or fat. Flex and Grow is for external application to the coronary band of the hoof to support healthy, rapid-growing hooves. It can be used on horses with dry, brittle, cracked, slow-growing or poor-quality feet.